YBP Summer Time Tees: Emmy the Great


Imagine the circulation through all those tiny air holes on this all cotton, all deliciously refreshing tee, which comes with a free edge of charity! Abundance is plentiful so why not treat yourself to a sweet new geddup courtesy of Emmy the Great benefiting Kids Company. Boo yah!!

Come over hither and let’s hook you up with more of our YBP Summer Time Tees!

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Stream Track #1 from GOOD PEOPLE ROCK: Andrew Bird Covers The New Pornographers

And check out all the great that press we’ve received so far! Good people really do ROCK!!






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Help us complete the YBP covers album!


This is news and excitements. For many years, three to be concise, we’ve been hooking up indie rockers in the hopes of producing a covers compilation. YBP on YBP if ya know what we mean. And today’s the day we get to announce that we’re almost there man… so close. We’re almost there and boy oh goodness does it sound incredible. These guys have poured their hearts and guts into the tunings of their counterparts and it’s all coming up indie flavoured daisies. The songs are there, all 10 of ‘em, but alas, we need a booster to pay for the mastering, vinyl pressing, CD makin’, the distribution aspect and the creative geniuses in artwork and marketing to get this carriage in motion…

…enter the PledgeMusic Campaign..

Hover on down to see the wicked cool YBP artists that got behind this campaign and then check out the Pledge page. Each of these musical darlings used their own goods, their private time and mixed their tracks themselves to bring you an awesomely different rendition of your YBP faves. And you can be a part of it’s creation. Your hot little hands can help make it. And we’ve got heaps of sweet rewards for goings too. Let’s get the indie rockin’ music on high rotation.

Saunter over here and have a squiz.


1. Andrew Bird – Fake Headlines (New Pornographers)
2. Hayden – Family Tree (TV on the Radio)
3. Elvis Perkins ft. Alec Ounsworth – Mexican Ritual (Alec Ounsworth)
4. Whispertown – Give A Little Love (Rilo Kiley)
5. Micah P. Hinson – Not One Bit Ashamed (King Creosote)
6. King Creosote – Take It In (Hot Chip)
7. Alec Ounsworth – How’s Forever Been Baby (Elvis Perkins)
8. Keaton Henson – Take Care (Beach House)
9. Dry the River – Satellite Mind (Metric)
10. T E Morris – Much More Then That (Sharon Van Etten)

Lots of exclusive prizes up for grabs, including an exclusive t-shirt featuring the GOOD PEOPLE ROCK album art with Shane, photographed by Megan McIsaac:


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YBP Poetry Book – Now Available on Kindle!


Hey-o good people,

Just a short holler from the rooftops about the YBP Poetry Book which has now been digitized for your Kindle using ease. Rad, rad city. This means you can carry the lyrical genius from some of our great indie rockin’ superstars in the comfort of your back pocket, for immediate transportation into realms painted by the likes of Dan Mangan, Micah P Hinson and Soko. It’s yours for a fiver! Alls ya gotta do is cleck right here, and the rest will take care of itself (so long as you follow the rest of the prompts).

Happy poems! :)

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YBP’s Top 10 Highlights of 2013

new_year_blog2Design by Kristian Bauthus

Well whaddya know, now marks the finale of the year that was twenty-thirteen. It seems silly to say already, but when we press rewind over the last twelve moon cycles we’re happy to find a colourful series of memories that have exceeded our wildest dreams..

1. Expanding our project to include film-making to our portfolio and our Kickstarter campaign for ‘A Matter of Time’, which went absolutely bananas.

2. Pimping up our product range silly, with new t-shirts from Best Coast, Amanda Palmer, Patrick Watson, Sharon Van Etten and a winter sweatshirt from Wye Oak.

3. Working with Micah P. Hinson and The Hinson Family to produce the first-ever YBP Christmas album.

4. The time we lolled ourself out of our beanbags after having conceptualized YBP Airlines and fooling ya’s all… Ahh, what could’ve been.

5. Publishing a neat little motivator; the YBP-branded stationery journal, Music Notes, marking our fourth collaboration with Chronicle Books.

6. Venturing into the limerick and beyond with the Poetry Zine & microsite.

7. Having had the opportunity to receive great help from friends and collaborators, both new and old. A special shout goes out to our chief designer, Emilia Buggins and our resident wordsmith, Nicole White.

8. Seeing our cute little bird popped up on news sites and on the telly-visy.

9. With your support, being able to give many a buck to lots of great charities the world over.

10. And finally, a maximum amount of tunes were released from new and old favourites, which we’ve considerately bundled into a nice little top twenty for your listening pleasure, check it oot here!   So in the final hours, we pay hommage to you kind heart, for your ongoing support and nice vibes! Thanking you to Aurora Borealis and back.


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