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Hello Birdies,

I hope you are all doing well. Those of you that are still in school, as I am, I wish you a good start to the semester. May your tests be easy and your essays short. For those not in school, I hope whatever you are doing is making you happy, and that there is nothing you’d rather be doing. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than listening to music. So here are 5 songs that I have been listening to on repeat over the past week. I hope you like…

Akron/Family – Before and Again

I just discovered this band last night. Well to be honest I have been hearing about them for awhile, but never gave them a chance until last night. I saw that they were playing in Montreal for the Pop Montreal Festival so I decided to check out their myspace page for a few samples and was pretty blown away. I still don’t know them very well but this song is sounding quite nice right now.

Born Ruffians РLittle Gar̤on

Born Ruffians have been one of my bands of the summer. They make such catchy and fun songs and they are Canadian, so they get extra points. This song is a cute little love song that you can play for your boyfriend/girlfriend/love interest in order to capture their heart. Unless they like rap music, then you should play them this.

Pinback – Wasted (Black Flag Cover)

I have been listening to sooo much Pinback lately, especially after writing that Tribute to Rob Crow. It really got me back into them. I have been listening to this song, which is actually a Black Flag cover, every night before bed for the past week. Not because it is a song that puts me to sleep. Just because I like it a lot. What makes it such a good cover is that it is so different than the original. It just goes to show how talented Zach and Rob actually are, that they can take a hardcore punk song, and make it into something so beautiful. The ending of the song is a fitting tribute to the original.

Human Highway – The Sound

Nick Thorburn is becoming quite the band hopper. From the Unicorns, to Islands, to his other various side projects. He is now teaming up with Canadian Juno Award winner Jim Guthrie, who together form Human Highway. This band is very different from anything Nick has done in the past and just goes to show how versatile he is. They make some really pretty songs, take a listen.

Midlake – Bandits

Midlake has been arguably my favourite band of the past year. I hardly go a week without listening to them. If you are not familiar with their music you are really missing something. There is something about them that makes me feel so at ease and comfortable. I’m trying not listen to them that much this summer just because I love listening to them in the fall and winter. Along with “Roscoe”, this is my favourite Midlake song. They have a new album in the works, which will most likely be entitled The Courage of Others. You can expect to see it in stores at some point before the year is out. Along with Mew’s new album, this is the album I am most excited to hear.

Well that’s all for now. I shall now go out and enjoy my last free day of summer. Is it crazy that I’m really excited for fall?

Untill next week…

-The Middle Distance Runner

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