A few months ago we were contacted by the creators of the Canadian television program, The Border. One of their characters, Hieronymous Slade, is a tech-wiz extraordinaire, with a fondness for hipster-geek
culture, and they wanted to know if they could obtain some YBP t-shirts for this character to wear on their program. How nice of them to think of us! Of course, we were flattered, and so we happily agreed. So far, Slade, played by Jonas Chernick, has appeared rocking Hayden, and Broken Social Scene (two Canadian bands). Stay tuned for more episodes, where Slade will be seen wearing other YBP tees! The Border airs Monday nights at 9:00 EST and 9:30 NT on CBC. The next episode which will feature Slade wearing another YBP tee will be episode 9, on November 24th. Thanks to nice folks at CBC for approaching us, and for helping to make this happen.

You can watch a full episode here.

And below are some shots of Slade, representin’ in true YBP style.

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