Yellow Bird of the Month!

This month, a very special Yellow Bird did all of his Christmas shopping with YBP. His name is Paul Miller, and he purchased 7 t-shirts. We decided that we wanted to get to know him a bit more, so we went ahead and did a little interview with him. Turns out he’s a very interesting cat! We’re hoping that other people might be able to learn from this fine example. If you’re looking for easy way to do your Christmas shopping, and you want to find cool, interesting gifts, then don’t for forget your Yellow Bird! 

Yellow Bird Project: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do?

Paul Miller: I work for a little independent television production company at Fox Studios in Sydney (only in last six months). We make a real-life crime show about serial killers called Crime Investigation Australia as well as sports documentaries about horse racing, rugby league etc. I finished an Arts degree at Sydney Uni last year (at a very old 28) and have no knowledge or skills that equip me for this job. I actually moved to Sydney to become a professional boxer and my boxing manager owns the production company.

I think that is quite a lot about myself! I spent quite a few years boxing and actually traveled to Canada on one trip. (My first or second trip overseas with the national boxing team so it was very exciting.

YBP: How did you first come across YBP?

PM: I saw The New Pornographers at The Annandale Hotel in Sydney and they were sensational. I had already purchased their album Challengers and wanted to find out about the band members (the girl was fantastic but my friend had said it wasn’t the same girl as usual (Neko?)…. so I googled them and spied YBP.

YBP: Are you a fan of many/most of the YBP bands? Do you have any favourites?

PM: YBP almost seem to have catered to my choice in music. Its uncanny. There is actually a few that I still haven’t had a good listen to however.

In the same week (as I saw The New P.)I also saw The Tallest Man On Earth at The Hopetoun and he was really impressive. And then… you guys got hold of him for the theme song.

YBP: You did all of your Christmas shopping with YBP, and purchased 7 t-shirts. Which ones did you buy, and who were they for?

PM: I’m not sure if it is ALL of my Xmas shopping but it has taken the pressure off. They are original quality tees and the idea behind the whole YBP concept is appealing. I bought a few female sizes and a couple of the same prints in a few of the t-shirts.

YBP: Did you choose those tees for any reason in particular?

PM: Just the bands that I particularly like. I was also lucky to see Holly Throsby a few weeks ago at the Basement and she was great.

YBP: Why do you think YBP t-shirts make such good Christmas presents?

PM: They were something interesting to buy. And of course they are great quality t-shirts.

YBP: How does it feel to have made such a generous purchase?

PM: I don’t know how generous the purchase really is. They are extremely good value.

YBP: Would you recommend that other people do their Christmas shopping with YBP?

PM: Yes. Do it. Do it.

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