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This one if for all of you Stars fans out there. Torquil Campbell, who most know from his role as the lead singer of Canadian indie-pop outfit Stars, is known to always have his hands in something. Whether it be making music or acting, he is pretty much always busy. Even when Stars isn’t on the road or in the studio, he keeps himself busy with side projects. Stars fans around the world were delighted when Torq and long time friend Chris Dumont started releasing music under the name Memphis. Now there’s something else to be excited about. This time around Torq has teamed up with Apostle of Hustle’s Julian Brown to form a new band called Dead Child Star. And just like everything else Torq puts his hands on, this is quite a great little side project. Take a look at this apparently unplanned interview on QTV with Torquil Campbell on his new project:

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  1. he’s so funny cause he’s so brutally honest. i could listen to his music all day

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