Karen O is a Wild Thing

Where The Wild Things Are

On October 16th we will finally be able to immerse ourselves in the magical world that Maurice Sendak has created and Spike Jonze has adapted into a feature length film. That’s right, next Friday is the day that Where The Wild Things Are comes out in theaters. You have no doubt by now seen the incredible trailer for the movie, but did you also know that the entire score was written by none other than Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman Karen O? Along with a few friends from Dearhunter, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs, Karen O has put together what sounds like the most perfect collection of songs possible for the film. The soundtrack has actually already been released so if you haven’t heard it yet you should really pick it up. Have a listen to this lovely little song from the movie:

Karen O and the Kids – “All Is Love”

-The Middle Distance Runner

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