YBP’s Official Music Video!

MP3:>> The Tallest Man On Earth – A Field Of Birds (YBP Theme Song)

A few years ago we approached The Tallest Man On Earth, and asked him if he would write a song for the Yellow Bird Project. Our intention was to inspire something marvelous which would be used to help spread the word about YBP. Not long after, magic was delivered into our inbox as we heard for the first time this brand new song written for us; it was called “A Field of Birds”.

But really, it wasn’t just written for us – it was written for all of you. Now, to enable us to spread the word even further, we commissioned a talented young art student by the name of Jonathan Lindley, to put this song into graphic motion. Stop frame animation, to be precise. 300 photographs and 46o hours of painstaking work to be more precise. All of this, on a £40 budget.

Click here to watch!

Tweet yourself to a prize! 

If you’ve got Twitter, then you’ve got a chance to win a number of YBP prize packs, just by helping to spread the word about this new music vid! The prizes are…

Prize #1: A YBP hoodie and a copy of The Indie Rock Coloring Book

Prize #2: A YBP t-shirt and a copy of The Indie Rock Coloring Book

Prize #3: A YBP scarf and a copy of The Indie Rock Coloring Book

Prize #4: A copy of … (you get the picture)

For a chance to win, re-tweet us using the following text:

“RT to win a t-shirt/hoodie/coloring book from @YBP! http://www.yellowbirdproject.com/tweet

Or just simply click here for an automatic re-tweet!

We will select 4 winners at random and will ‘Direct Message’ you if you’ve been selected.

N.B. you must be friends with us on Twitter and signed up to our mailing list in order to be eligible.

Find us on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/YBP.

Competition is now finished. But, you can find out about our next one by signing up to our mailing list here!

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  1. Wow – I came across this song for in your twitter competition – it’s absolutely fantastic!


  2. What a great video, to complement a great song. Well done.
    Incredible work Jonathan.

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