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For the last stop of their tour, S. Carey (of Bon Iver) and the Tallest Man on Earth played at the 930 Club here in DC last night. It was especially full-circle for me; the first time I saw Tallest Man was when he opened for Bon Iver back in Boston, December 2008. I didn’t even know who Bon Iver was at the time, but what a nice discovery!

Sean Carey, the drummer of Bon Iver, brought together his own group (S. Carey) to showcase his own songwriting chops. There is a fair amount of thematic overlap with Bon Iver, which probably goes to show why the group meshes so well, and both make good use of beautiful vocal harmonies, rich textures, and repetitive percussion. As a bonus (and as seen below), the guitarist was wearing The National’s YBP shirt (one of my favorites), so I made sure to say an extra congrats after the show.

It turned out to be a YBP-themed evening, because just as ybplondon reported from Webster, here too Tallest Man opened up with a great live rendition of his YBP theme song. My original introduction to Tallest Man.

Kristian Matsson brought his trademark stage presence to full force for this tour-ending set. The crowd was loving it, he looked to be having a blast, and both sides couldn’t thank each other enough. His lady friend joined him on stage to sing a nice duet, but otherwise the stage belonged only to him. I’ve raved enough about him on this blog already, but if you haven’t had a chance to tune into this incredible artist, it’s not too late.


His new EP, Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird, was released last month and embarrassingly I haven’t heard it yet. In between a couple songs, Kristian said that the cover art is especially important to him as it depicts his home and includes one of his friends. He said that he is looking forward to going home, where he hasn’t been in quite a while. He’ll sit, relax, look out over the fields, and write a few songs.

Hopefully he’ll be back to the states before too long.

In the meantime, NPR’s All Songs Considered should have a recording of the show up before too long. Also check out their awesome photos from the concert (including the one at the top of the post).

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