Andrew Bird – Gezelligheid

Andrew Bird returned to DC for a special concert at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue.


His Gezelligheid series is meant to emphasize his instrumental work and rely less on standard song structures. He had the stage to himself, surrounded by his effects pedals and Victrola horns.


I have to admit that I only have a couple of his albums and, probably due to heavy rotation in college, haven’t listened to them much in the last couple years. Watching Andrew Bird do his thing live though has given me a shot in the arm and a new appreciation for his musical sensibilities and deep training. The venue, at which I also had the pleasure of seeing Joanna Newsom a while back, was perfectly chosen for this intimate performance. If you are in the DC area and haven’t yet had the opportunity to see a show here, I highly recommend it.


Watching his stick figure shadow dance around reminded me of Japanese shadow puppetry. He played a couple songs I knew, several new ones, and played around with many fascinating soundscapes. I’m looking forward to listening to him again in a real way and hopefully getting my hands on some of his instrumental stuff as well.

I especially liked his song “Lusitania”, a love song referencing two famous instances of the sinking of a ship drawing the US into war.

One of my favorite little-known tracks by him is his cover of the WWI-era song “How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm” done for the Song of America compilation.

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