Blazin’ Beards of 2012 indie scene

With the apocalypse in our rear view mirrors, uninhibited adoration for facial hair has reached new heights. Welcome to 2012, beardos.

This month’s post is going to be simple, and sweet – much like a well-kempt moustache. With the introduction of a new year, we give tidings to blessed, bearded men that are going to astound us (not only with their whiskers, but their musical talents, as well).

1)     Other Lives’ Jesse Tabish

Jesse Tabish, singer in Other Lives has not only extolled us with his both haunting and hypnotizing vocals, but his al-naturale head of hair and beard compliment. The perfect portrayal of the Americana ensemble (equally rugged and approachable in his facial hair composition) has easily made him my breakout beard of 2012.

On the Beardlesque Brittany scale, Tabish is a 9, a near perfect score.

Formally known as Kunek, Other Lives is not “new” in the slightest – however, their newest album, Tamer Animals (2011) and Tabish’s beard have been reprised on multiple occasions for their recent successes. This year Other Lives is expected at Coachella, a music festival in Indio, California, and is opening for Radiohead in their upcoming tour.

Beardlesque Brittany tip: Listen to their song Old Statues first.

2)     Dry the River

Each member of Dry the River, at one point or another, has boasted a beard, or the semblance of facial hair – and they haven’t yet even come out with their first LP. This folks, is talent in its most raw and rare form. We’re not only looking forward to their album “Shallow Bed,” but my hopes extend to the potential of their fuzz(es). My expectation is boundless considering the bass guitarist and back-up vocalist Scott’s bewitching (and untamed) bear of a beard. His torrent of hair is indescribable, and can only admired, much like their music.

Dry the River has received recognition from the Avett Brothers and also participated in the Yellow Bird Project’s Wilderness Sessions.

Beardlesque Brittany tip: Listen to their song “History Book” first – this was the inspiration behind the design of the Yellow Bird tee.

 Happy January,


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