The Past & Future of indie rock’s Canadian facial hair

Canada can be defined as follows: French, maple syrup, lumberjack (lumberjack beard), music.. YELLOW BIRD PROJECT

February can be defined as follows: Valentine love for our favourite beards. 

Considering that the birthplace of Yellow Bird Project’s is Canada – February’s post is a lover’s ode (although late!) to the facial fuzz of an indie beau that has crooned to all of Canada for many years, and another group that has only now graced the musical scene.

Behold: The Afreard.

Hayden is a picturesque brunette with not only 8 LPs (his first “album” was a cassette put out in 1994) under his belt, but an AFRO. I refer fondly to the combination of his stately beard and afro as the afreard. This facial hair fiends, is your very first Beardlesque Brittany vocabulary word – TAKE NOTE – you may be quizzed in the future.

Hayden’s afread and grainy baritone in complement to his timeless music are a parallel to his lumberjack demeanour. I’m fearful of clichés, but we should lend him some laid.

Nonetheless, Hayden is a heart throb to those who are appreciative of a well-kempt beard, and a long lasting and consistent career in the music business. Listen to one of Hayden’s most acclaimed tracks below, and check out his fantastic Yellow Bird tee, benefiting the Acoustic Neuroma Society.

(^^ Although this video isn’t a good endorsement of Hayden’s beard, it’s an incredible musical feat.)

As we pay our respects to our reliable relationship to Hayden, we also pay heed to the excitement of a new face: The Rural Alberta Advantage. They boast not one, but two very outstanding, and yet understated (much like Hayden’s) beards.

The tri-group consists of Nils (vocals and guitar), Paul (percussion) and Amy Cole. Their first album, Hometowns pays homage to Canada and its glory and their newest album, Departing, has been nominated for two Juno Awards.

In their music video, “Stamp,” an avid fan internally battles with herself as to whether she prefers Nils’ or Paul’s beard (or, I’d like to think their beards were the deciding factor – I may be slightly opinionated). Nils’ facial hair, paired with his melodic wale is quite alright; however, Paul’s brutish stature while playing the drums takes the cake. The avid fan agrees. Decide for yourself below – and enjoy RAA, they’re exceptional in both musical quality and, of course, bristles on the chin region.

Do you have a favourite Canadian beardo?

Until next month,

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