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We’re pretty excited to tell you that we’re about to add another new and far-out notch to the YBP belt.

For the last year we’ve been creating a feature-length documentary called, A Matter Of Time, detailing the story of Kathryn Calder from The New Pornographers when she was forced down a path few could endure. Her mother had been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease; a Motor Neuron disease that causes muscles to weaken and eventually melt.  She was given 2-3 years to live.

The news ignited a blinding spark to convert her mother’s living room into a recording studio, rally her talented friends, and surmount her anguish, gyrating it into the forceful drive she needed to complete her début album for the one person who she needed to hear it most.

We heard Katharine’s story, we were rocked by it, and we had to do something.

That something has unfolded into an intricate weaving of footage from the ALS Awareness Concert we threw last year, the serendipitous revelations of long lost family members, and the sheer indomitable spirit of Kathryn and her family in a movie which illustrates the strength and sacrifice that blooms from adversity.

A Matter Of Time is about 82.3% completed and so, we’re turning to you, the peeps, to help us gather the cards so we can complete this venture and bring it home to raise awareness for ALS. Every single stunning Samaritan who helps us out will get a special delivery from the mail man, just check out the rad rewards we have available!

Here is a link to our Kickstarter page:

Get crackin’.

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