Polaris Music Prize Short List Revealed

Good Day Yellow Birds, The Polaris Music Prize list of nominees has been rounded down to 10 finalists! I don’t know why I get so excited about this Prize but I really love it. I guess it’s like the Oscars, but for Canadian music. In case you didn’t know, the Polaris Music Prize is awarded […]

5 Songs of the Week

It’s been a hectic week for me. I just wrote a 3 hour midterm on the history of China, and now I am studying for my second midterm on Canadian Politics, which is Wednesday. Have no fear though. This doesn’t mean the music has stopped! Just because one chooses to take classes in the summer […]


  At this time last year we released a few limited edition versions of Hayden’s red bear design. Since it was such a big hit with star crossed lovers around the world, we’ve decided to bring it back. What could be a more thoughtful gift then this? And, if you sign up to receive our […]

Small World!

In recording news from across the seas, Holly can be heard singing on the new Hayden record, In Field & Town, which is out now in Canada & the USA on Hardwood Records and out soon in Australia on Spunk Records.


YBP has collaborated with Kara Zuaro, author of ‘I LIKE FOOD, FOOD TASTES GOOD: In the Kitchen with your Favourite Bands’ to bring you this special promotion. ‘I LIKE FOOD, FOOD TASTES GOOD’ is a brilliant concept; Kara has brought together an all-star team of indie artists, and assembled each their own favourite recipes. Recipes […]