The YBP Mixtape

This is your friendly neighbourhood Middle Distance Runner here to tell about something pretty excellent. Baeble Music, which is a site that primarily films concerts and puts them up on the net for everyone to see free of charge, also has a pretty excellent blog. For awhile now, I have been making these weekly mixtapes for them in a series called T.G.I.Mixtape, on which I showcase some of the hottest new tracks in the indie music world as well as some older stuff as well. This week, on the 28th volume in the series I have put together an extra special YBP edition, full of amazing songs by bands that have been involved in The Yellow Bird Project.

New KC & WP

Call it a habit, call it a custom… Ah, let’s just call it a ritual. When there’s new music out from some of our favourite YBP artists, we have to report it. King Creosote recently contributed a Malcolm Middleton cover of ‘Choir’ as a b-side to Malcolm’s new single, ‘Blue Plastic Bags’.  You can listen to it […]

King Creosote Documentary

Watch this amazing documentary which was produced by the BBC about our beloved troubadour – King Creosote. This short segment gives us a fleeting look at the serene landscape of Fife (Scotland), which has inspired KC to write, record, and release music from his own small corner of the world. KC formed the Fence Collective […]