New Music Anyone?

I hope your summer is off to a great start and that you have been finding time to enjoy the beautiful weather. And what goes better with nice weather better than sweet sweet music? I know It’s been awhile, but I have returned because I have been discovering so many great bands lately and I really hate keeping great music to myself. So today I would like to introduce you to three lovely new artists that deserve to be known by all.

Under the Covers

Well hello there! Even though the weather over here in New York City isn’t very pretty, there is still a feeling that Summer is imminent. The rain may be falling pretty heavily, yet there seems to be a little bit of warmth pushing through. I couldn’t be more excited to ring in Summer; a time […]

5 Bands/Artists To Love

Tweet, How are you friend? I hope your days of late have been as music filled as mine. Do you ever pretend that your life is a movie and that the music you listen to is the soundtrack? It’s pretty fun, you should try it. You know when your walking somewhere or doing something and […]

5 Albums of the Week

Hey there, long time no speak! I know I haven’t been around much lately. It is partly due to applying to grad school and partly due to this new music website I have been working with. The site is called Baeblemusic and what they do is videotape entire concerts from amazing bands that we all […]

Top 20 Songs of 2008

In the second installment of my “Best of 2008” series, I will be unveiling my top songs of the year. Just to warn you, this is a list of my most listened to songs. It’s not a list of what I think were my favourites throughout the year. Also, I only put one song by […]