The YBP Mixtape

This is your friendly neighbourhood Middle Distance Runner here to tell about something pretty excellent. Baeble Music, which is a site that primarily films concerts and puts them up on the net for everyone to see free of charge, also has a pretty excellent blog. For awhile now, I have been making these weekly mixtapes for them in a series called T.G.I.Mixtape, on which I showcase some of the hottest new tracks in the indie music world as well as some older stuff as well. This week, on the 28th volume in the series I have put together an extra special YBP edition, full of amazing songs by bands that have been involved in The Yellow Bird Project.

Under the Covers

Well hello there! Even though the weather over here in New York City isn’t very pretty, there is still a feeling that Summer is imminent. The rain may be falling pretty heavily, yet there seems to be a little bit of warmth pushing through. I couldn’t be more excited to ring in Summer; a time […]

Dead Child Star

Happy Easter everyone, This one if for all of you Stars fans out there. Torquil Campbell, who most know from his role as the lead singer of Canadian indie-pop outfit Stars, is known to always have his hands in something. Whether it be making music or acting, he is pretty much always busy. Even when […]

A Tribute to Non-English Music

Well hello there, Long time no speak. I know it’s been forever and a day since I posted my last YBP blog entry. I could provide a host of excuses for my absense, but I think I’d rather just say I’m sorry. Believe me when I say that in the very near future, I will […]

Top 5 EPs of 2008

Well folks, the year is winding down once again. I feel like just a few months ago we were ringing in 2008, but the truth is that another year has passed us by. This will be my first post in a series of posts celebrating “The Best of 2008”. To start off the series, I’d […]