The YBP Mixtape

This is your friendly neighbourhood Middle Distance Runner here to tell about something pretty excellent. Baeble Music, which is a site that primarily films concerts and puts them up on the net for everyone to see free of charge, also has a pretty excellent blog. For awhile now, I have been making these weekly mixtapes for them in a series called T.G.I.Mixtape, on which I showcase some of the hottest new tracks in the indie music world as well as some older stuff as well. This week, on the 28th volume in the series I have put together an extra special YBP edition, full of amazing songs by bands that have been involved in The Yellow Bird Project.

Noah and The Whale: Show Review

‘Cause life is fleeting… So says Charlie Fink, lead singer of the Folk Rock band ‘Noah and The Whale‘. Where did they get their name from? It’s a combination of their favourite film ‘The Squid and The Whale‘, and it’s director, Noah Baumbach. Quirky. Love it. I went to see them last night at a free in-store gig at the Zavvi […]


We are so lucky. Megan Kathleen, the amazingly talented photographer has been kind enough to contribute some more fabulous photography for your viewing pleasure. Our t-shirts have never been portrayed in such good light! If you’re thinking about buying a t-shirt, but you can’t imagine what they look like, take a look at Renee Lilley and Daniel […]


I first discovered the Yellow Bird Project tees about a year and a half ago. I bookmarked the site on my toolbar and vowed to make a purchase with my next paycheck.  Fast-forward a year- I’d forgotten about the site and my resolution until I rediscovered the bookmarked page.  By this time a few more […]

The National: New T-Shirt Design

They’ve toured with Hayden, they’ve toured with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah… Now YBP embraces this union of talent and friendship, by welcoming the National to the YBP collective. For some, rings symbolize new beginnings. But for YBP, they represent the binds that tie together our favourite musical artists. We launched this t-shirt secretly last […]