The YBP Mixtape

This is your friendly neighbourhood Middle Distance Runner here to tell about something pretty excellent. Baeble Music, which is a site that primarily films concerts and puts them up on the net for everyone to see free of charge, also has a pretty excellent blog. For awhile now, I have been making these weekly mixtapes for them in a series called T.G.I.Mixtape, on which I showcase some of the hottest new tracks in the indie music world as well as some older stuff as well. This week, on the 28th volume in the series I have put together an extra special YBP edition, full of amazing songs by bands that have been involved in The Yellow Bird Project.

Holly Throsby On Shoot the Player

As part of the 2009 Sydney Festival, Luke Jerram iniated a public piano project. He placed various pianos in different spots around the city; in parks, on the steps of the Sydney Opera house, in a tattoo parlour, and other random places. Written on each piano is the message ‘PLAY ME. I’M YOURS’. Shoot the Player have […]

Yellow Bird of the Month!

This month, a very special Yellow Bird did all of his Christmas shopping with YBP. His name is Paul Miller, and he purchased 7 t-shirts. We decided that we wanted to get to know him a bit more, so we went ahead and did a little interview with him. Turns out he’s a very interesting cat! […]

Music in London

Hello Friends, I have finally returned from my week in London. I would like to first and foremost apologize for my lack of bloggage last week. Internet in London was mucho expensive and to be honest I was quite busy seeing the sights. The good news is, the music did not stop! (does it ever?). […]

New Albums To Look Forward To

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I look forward to more than when the artists I love put out new albums. Often though, the intense excitement and high expectations that I have lead to disappointment when I actually do get to hear the new releases and they aren’t exactly what I was hoping […]