We reached our Kickstarter goal! Thank you all!

Dearest golden ones! WE DID IT! Magic happened! You guys bought us past out first target of 50k, waves of good vibes to all of you and your loved ones too! You know what this means? Read the full Kickstarter update here.  

Kickstarter Update: we’re 97% of the way there!

Salut good people, Oh my, what a week of intensity. Our calves ache from frequent jumping outbursts of the celebratory nature! So check it. We’re pretty close to reaching our first target of 50k, with 11 days left to go and love for AMOT is snowballing. So please, whatever you’re doing,  keep it comin’. The […]

Adventures in Solitude (cover)

In the video above Juliana Richer Daily covers ‘Adventure in Solitude’, by The New Pornographers and helps us raise awareness for ALS, a cause that also happens to be very close to her heart.

Support our ALS Awareness film on Kickstarter!

We’re pretty excited to tell you that we’re about to add another new and far-out notch to the YBP belt. For the last year we’ve been creating a feature-length documentary called, A Matter Of Time, detailing the story of Kathryn Calder from The New Pornographers when she was forced down a path few could endure. Her […]

Kathryn Calder Concert Photos

Thank you to everyone who came to our ALS Awareness Gala on July 4th, Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day. For those of you who missed the event, you’ll be given a second chance to see it (!) as this concert was captured on video and will be included as a part of an ALS awareness documentary which […]