Montreal Shows

Greetings:  Friends, Music Lovers, It is our pleasure to announce “Meet You At The Show“, an online music website founded in part by our very own friend and resident blogger Mr.Middle Distance Runner. The website provides concert listings, show reviews, interviews, ticket giveaways and blogging about everything that has to do with the Montreal music scene and […]

Aimee Mann on Daytrotter

Good Afternoon Yellow Birds, I have been listening to such lovely new music lately, which I will tell you about in a sec. But first, during my random cruising of the net I stumbled upon the Daytrotter website, and was so happy to see Aimee Mann on the cover, and does she look good as […]

Caribou Wins 2008 Polaris Prize

We can all stop wondering who will win this year’s Polaris Music Prize, awarded to the top Canadian album of the year. It has been announced today that Dundas, Ontario native, Dan Snaith, known to most as Caribou, has won the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, and the 20,000 big ones that go along with it. Readers […]

Stars Live at Terminal 5, NYC – 09/20/08

So I saw Stars last night at Terminal 5 in New York City. This was my second time seeing Stars and my first time at Terminal 5. When we got there, the opening band was still on the stage. They were called Bell X1, and since I only heard them play a couple of songs […]

5 Songs of the Week

Hello Birdies, I hope you are all doing well. Those of you that are still in school, as I am, I wish you a good start to the semester. May your tests be easy and your essays short. For those not in school, I hope whatever you are doing is making you happy, and that […]